Glazing Flat Packers

Injection Moulding

Supporting several blue chip companies with contract injection moulding services across a wide range of manufacturing sectors. Using our state of the art micro-processor controlled moulding machines to obtain the highest quality and repeatability.

Glazing Accessories

Glazing Accessories

We manufacture a wide range of our own products from packers to specific mouldings for the UK and Ireland glazing industry. Supplying the distribution network with high vloumes of stock, outlets are in and around most UK towns.

Product Development

Product Development

With over 35 years' experience in plastic injection moulding and toolmaking we can advise customers on the best and most prudent way to approach a project. Product design, material selection, tool design and configuration.

Glazing Products

We manufacture and supply drain hole/slot covers and glazed sealed unit corner protector.

All made from high grade materials, in a standard range of colours.

We hold extensive stock ready for next day delivery.

Drain Slot / Hole Covers

Code Length Width Height Colour Quantity Material
DHC White 40mm 12mm 6mm White 1000 per box ASA
DHC Black 40mm 12mm 6mm Black 1000 per box ASA
DHC Mahogany 40mm 12mm 6mm Mahogany 1000 per box ASA
DHC Oak 40mm 12mm 6mm Oak 1000 per box ASA
DHC Grey 7016 40mm 12mm 6mm Grey 1000 per box ASA

Glazed Sealed Unit Corner Protector

These glazed unit corner protectors are made from impact resistant Polypropylene material.

Designed to reduce the risk of damaged corners on glazed units during transit. The slightly bowed sides grip the unit. Additional tape is required for a secure fit.

Available in 24mm wide and 28mm wide.

Please enquire to find out more.

Corner Protector
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